O-BOY Rescue Device

With the O-BOY watch you can send an SOS signal via satellite from almost anywhere in the world
For travelers and anyone who is regularly out of cell phone coverage, it will soon be possible to get help, or at least report your location, from almost anywhere in the world. The O-BOY watch has a direct connection to the satellite to send an SOS signal and location coordinates.

The device was invented by Belgian businessman Hadrien Dorchy after he had to survive at sea after failing at windsurfing. He was too far from shore for his smartphone to get a cellular signal, so there was nothing to do but hope for luck. Luckily for him, he was picked up by a passing boat, after which he began designing special watches.

There are already plenty of similar models on the market, but they can only send a signal in a cellular network. Novelty can save a person in at least two ways. In normal mode, the watch simply shows the time, but if a person gets into trouble, they can press the side button five times, after which a signal goes to the communications satellite, which activates the GetMe service, which provides the sending of a pre-recorded Message along with the user’s GPS coordinates to four pre-defined contacts.

If the user is injured or in another immediately life-threatening situation, he must press the button eight times – this activates the RescueMe service, which sends an SOS signal with coordinates to the nearest emergency services.

If the owner wants to be able to find out about his location regularly, he has to press the button for 10 seconds before starting the journey – this activates the TrackMe service, which transmits GPS coordinates at intervals of 5, 20 or 60 minutes – with family members can see .

Image Source: O Boy
Source: O-BOY

The watch is water and dust resistant, and a battery charge is said to last at least a week of standby time or send at least 48 messages. Importantly, a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone is only required to select trusted contacts and record a pre-arranged call for help.

The project is listed on Kickstarter and has already raised $28,000 of the required $9,454 (€8,000) with 28 days until the end of the fundraising. For those who supported the project in the first place, the watch will cost the equivalent of $299 with a projected retail price of $399. The service is not free and includes a subscription to one of the plans starting at $9.95 per month. More expensive plans include owner insurance up to $50,000.