O-BOY Rescue Device


How it all started

Hi, my name is Hadrien. Let me tell you a little “Oh, boy…” story that turned into O-BOY history.

In 2015, I was windsurfing off the coast of Sal, Cape Verde islands, when my board fin fell off. Not-so-fun fact: without fin, your board is as unsteerable as a floating log and getting back to the shore is practically impossible.  

So there I am, miles from the seaside, watching the beautiful sunset telling me “Good night, buddy!”, uselessly trying to paddle my way back to safety against the current, thinking about how I could have avoided this situation. Had I had my phone with me, it wouldn’t possibly catch any signal to allow me to call for help – so I guess that’s the risk you take when going windsurfing.

Oh, boy… I’ve landed myself in quite a pickle!” I thought as these felt like my last moments. Then, out of nowhere, a boat full of night divers cruised by and saved my life. Now that is luck!

After that, I decided I’d never take such risks again without a solid back-up plan. I needed a reliable device, designed for all types of adventures, absolutely everywhere on the face of the planet, and that I just could wear on my wrist. But I couldn’t find the solution I was looking for.

So I decided to make it.

From concept to reality

A few years later, while following an entrepreneurship class at UCLA, I had the opportunity to pitch my concept. Convinced and boosted by the enthusiasm I encountered, I quit my comfortable law career and founded a start-up to design the perfect solution.

Soon after, I was joined by Antonin, PhD in Mathematical Physics, MIT research scholar, and engineer at heart: it was the perfect match. Three years of hard work and R&D later, our rescue wearable is finally ready to get out there and save lives.

O-BOY, what a journey!

 O-BOY mindset

We all need one.

One to comfort us. One to get us out of trouble.
One to ease our mind and tell us it’s going to be ok.

A failsafe friend. A protective mother and a loving father.
Someone to trust. Someone who feels like home.

One to give us the courage to go further.
One to come and get us when we’re lost.

A beacon of light in the dark. A hope in the desert.
A St. Bernard in the mountains. A dolphin at sea.

O-BOY will never let you down, O-BOY will always be there.
Everywhere. Anywhere.