O-BOY Rescue Device

OUr Safety Services



Got a bit off path and can’t find your way back? Lost track of time and it got too dark?Just want to reassure your loved ones you’ve reached your destination? 

Send a custom message with your gps coordinates to your favorite contacts.

You can also adapt the message via the O-BOY app using Bluetooth even if you don’t have cellular network!

Press the emergency button 4 times consecutively. Once the safety service is activated, the screen will turn orange and you’ll hear audio confirmation to inform you that the message has been sent.

In order to send GetMe signals, you’ll need to subscribe to a credit pack. You can easily do that from the app. Each message sent to a specific recipient counts for one credit, so make sure to load up before you leave.

Once you have subscribed to the service, use the app to configure your message: you can choose from a selection of pre-composed messages or write your own. You can then add your preferred contacts, and select up to four people that will receive the set message.



Did you get hurt while on your adventure? Are you trapped in a tight spot?
Carried away by the current on your surfboard?

When no one else can save you, O-BOY can. Activate the RescueMe service to send an SOS signal to the Emergency Operation Coordination Center who will then dispatch a rescue team to come get you!

The RescueMe service also includes an insurance covering up to $100k of the cost of the search & rescue operation. 

Press the emergency button 8 times. The screen will turn red and the device will start beeping in order to confirm the signal has been sent. The local Search and Rescue team will be dispatched immediately.

The RescueMe service requires a monthly subscription. You can purchase and pre-activate the periods of your choosing easily through the app. 


Need your coach to follow your training sessions remotely? Want to reassure your loved ones while you’re out in the wild? Keep track of your route?
Use this to send automatic location updates and record your progress live. 

Define the intervals and recipients (maximum 4) and adapt monitoring according to circumstances.

After your adventure, check out the details of your journey and share them with your friends.

Press the button for 10 seconds in order to activate the TrackMe service. Your screen will turn green and there will be a short sound to indicate the service has been properly activated. 

TrackMe messages can be sent at various intervals (5 – 20 – 60 minutes). Your preferences can be easily set up through the app.  

The service requires a subscription which can also be purchased through the app.


  • 50 credits - $29.95
  • 100 credits - $34.95
  • 2 months - $99.95
  • 1 year - $149.95
  • 200 points - $69.95
  • 400 points - $89.95

* All subscriptions benefit from a 10% discount if purchased with an automatic renewal.
Currency applied based on your location.