O-BOY Rescue Device



Combining a sleek design and a robust build, our product can be worn all the time, whether you’re out running, on the slopes or casually going on with your day. We’ve integrated a watch display – analog or digital, that’s up to you – to make it more versatile.

No need to choose between security or style, no need to carry a bulky device or worry about losing it.

100% Adventure

Meant for extreme outdoor conditions, we’ve developed our wearable to be rock-solid.

It’s IP68 certified, which means it’s dustproof and waterproof, and the materials used – such as gorilla glass – make it shockproof as well. The O-BOY can withstand immersion to water up to 120ft /40m deep. 

We know that adventurous trips can last a long time and take you far from any source of electricity. Thanks to our by design energy-saving approach and streamlined functionalities, O-BOY can last up to 34 days and send up to 48 messages or track points on one single charge.

0% risk

While your phone operates on the very restricted cellular network, our device communicates via satellite.

Not only that, but our device is equipped with a large emergency button and an omnidirectional antenna.

What does that mean? You can easily activate and send your signal even in the most difficult situations: you can push the button even if you don’t have your other hand available, and you don’t need the device to be pointing towards the satellite.

From the middle of the ocean to the top of a mountain or the depths of a canyon, nowhere is out of reach for O-BOY.

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