O-BOY Rescue Device


One step closer to saving lives.

Brussels, BELGIUM – March 1, 2022 – A couple of hours after its re-launch, the crowdfunding campaign led by O-BOY reached its financial objective. 

O-BOY chose Kickstarter, a renowned crowdfunding platform. The goal was threefold: (i) collect extra funds, (ii) get global visibility and (iii) confirm market traction. 

“We are very excited – the success of our Kickstarter means we’re one step closer to our dream of bringing O-BOY to the market and help save lives” said CEO Hadrien Dorchy. “The support of our backers and their faith in the project means so much! We are very grateful to them.”

In anticipation of the global semiconductors shortage, O-BOY had already secured the components needed to manufacture their first 1000 rescue watches. Even though the financial target is already met, the Kickstarter campaign will last till March 30, 2022 and there are still some rewards available.