O-BOY Rescue Device

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Into the wild and free without fear of getting lost

Big adventures challenge us. We can learn to go further, test our limits, and push ourselves to the next level, especially when it comes to extreme sports. It’s a thin line between pumping adrenaline and scary situations. Belgian start-up LifeLine srl. brings together both the desire for adventure and the need for safety. Whether it’s hiking in the Alps, canyoning in France or running in very remote areas, people are often faced with a lack of broadband internet access or even cellular connectivity. The wrist-wearable O-BOY solves the problem of connectivity when it is needed most.

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If you were heading off into a wilderness area with no cell coverage, you might worry about how you’d summon help if you got hurt or lost. Well, the O-BOY satellite-connected rescue watch was designed with just such concerns in mind.

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