O-BOY Rescue Device


Brussels, BELGIUM – March 30, 2022 – Even though the Kickstarter was already fully funded a couple hours after its launch, O-BOY can now officially confirm the success of the campaign that is now over.

“We collected 47,243€ in the 30 days of the campaign from 189 backers.” said CEO Hadrien Dorchy. “

The crowdfunding campaign was picked up by several media who then featured pieces on O-BOY, helped the brand improve its awareness and online presence, brought over 1000 social media followers and yielded interest from major players in the field like athletes, specialized sports magazines and business partners.

“With market interest confirmed, we now have the green light to start the production of our rescue device as soon as all certifications are in place.”

O-BOY will still be still available for pre-orders for a limited time on o-boy.com.